Common Carrier Shipments

Products that are either too heavy to be transported through FedEx or are too large are delivered to customers through common carrier. Common carrier service differs from FedEx service and one significant difference is that through common carrier delivery you or the customer is responsible to load off the products from the truck and into your business. Once we dispatch your shipment to be sent through common carrier, we will provide information for tracking the delivery so that you can arrange it's receive.

One important check in common carrier delivered shipment is that you are required to sign receival of shipment after checking that the exact shipment product and amount has been delivered safely. The drivers that deliver your shipment wait for as long as 15 minutes for you to check and sign the receival and to ensure that no damage has incurred to your goods.

In case a customer notices any kind of damage to his goods, he is allowed to check the item thoroughly and is also allowed to tear off the shrink wrap on skids. In case a customer has doubt of damaged or missing good, the following steps should be followed.

  • Note down the objection/s on the receival receipt or proof of delivery before signing it. Such as 2 pieces missing or dents on a chair, etc.
  • Immediately contact us within 24 hours.
  • Always keep safe your copy of delivery proof.
  • Save the packing material of the damaged good for inspection purpose.
  • Take photos of the damaged product and packaging.

If at the time of delivery any product or item is damaged or missing and you did not mention it in the delivery proof, we will not guarantee any compensation at all.

All delivery times mentioned here are based on business days. In case your order delivery is over a weekend, pleas add another day to the delivery date. Normal holidays include Christmas. Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th July, New Year and Thanksgiving.