Before You Contact The Chef Needs Store


Can I Place My Order On The Phone or Fax?

To make our customers experience safe with us we only take orders online using our secure server. We are concerned with the information safety of our customers and our expert customer specialists are always available to guide our customers through our checkout process. In case anyone has a question our customer solution specialists are also eveready to help you out and answer any query you may have.

How Much Will My Order Shipment Cost?

 We take all our orders from customers online through our secure server and our customer solution experts are always available to answer any query you may have or any guidance you may require to move through the checkout process.

Since we offer our customers a large variety of products certain heavy or large objects are shipped to you using a common carrier. These products are marked in red asterisk in the product list all other items and products are shipped to customers using the FedEx service. In cases where the order is large and several products are to be shipped the option of sending all items using a common carrier service can also apply even if no heavy or large object is present in the order. The full details of the order, the company it is being shipped through and the total charged amount will all be made available in the estimate provided to customers prior order confirmation and shipping.

How Many Days Does It Take For My Order To Reach Me?

Mostly if every ordered item is in stock the shipment requires 24-72 hours time to be delivered.

Orders using FedEx ground shipping service will reach you depending on the transit time to your area. The information can be achieved from FedEx ground service map facility.

Shipments using common carrier to be delivered, transit information is also given however a variance of a couple of days is possible. Orders shipping through the Glove Common Carrier delivery service may add a variance of 3 to 5 days in transit time.

What if I require To Ask Something Else? How Will I Contact The Customer Service?

You can always contact our customer solutions specialists at our number 888-885-7023.

You can also contact us on our live chat feature from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST, whereas on Saturdays and Sundays only live chats are available. (live chat only)