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About ChefNeeds


After 14 successful years in the distribution industry, we’ve taken our friendly business ethics and great customer service online to bring you Chef Needs. Based in the bustle of New York City, we’re here to offer you quality restaurant equipment at the best prices in one pretty package. Browse, search and enjoy fast worldwide shipping, for all your kitchen needs!

What The Heck Is Chef Needs?

Finding the right one-stop online shop for all your restaurant needs can be a pain in the melon. That’s why we decided to take our 14 years of distribution experience and our passion for the restaurant industry and put it to good use. We’ve hit the World Wide Web and there’s no stopping us now!

Where’d We Come From?

Chef Needs is the brainchild of like-minded industry fanatics who came together to bring quality restaurant products to suppliers and restaurant owners all over the world. From our humble beginnings in New York City, we’ve built a site that offers more international friendly service and product information than anyone else out there.

Whether you’re just down the road or across the equator, Chef Needs will help you create the kitchen every restaurant needs!

Where Else Can We Find You?

We’re all about this social media stuff. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn and take this friendship one step further. We’ve got loads to tell you about our products, industry news, updates and even a few giveaways here and there, so link up with us and it’s sure to be a good time!